Build composable & platformless reputation with non-transferable Badges.


The Otterspace Protocol enables you to easily create non-transferable NFTs that are consented, revocable, expirable and with delegated minting, gasless and free.
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Easy and fast implementation.

Integrate with our API or protocol to create a feature-rich Badging system by utilizing out-of-the-box components.

Flexible & composable.

Turn off-chain activities into on-chain Badges with a simple API call, custom to your Badging use case.


Seamlessly integrate Badges into your product experience, while benefitting from under-the-hood functionality.


Avoid attracting speculators and tourists by rewarding long-term engagement with non-transferable (non-marketable) rewards.

Cost-effective & gasless.

Non-financial rewards are a more cost-effective engagement strategy than airdrops. Benefit from a completely gasless experience on Optimism.

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Use cases for Badges across dApps and DAOs

User engagement & gamification

In-app credentials

Signals of trust and reputation

On-chain user segmentation

User verification

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